[Interest] how do I load massive table views instantly?

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>> alternately, if "loading only what you see" is just "how it's done", then can i just set the scroll bar height to be the total height?  so CAN still grab the scroll thumb, and drag it to the end, and see the data at the end, without waiting for all the unseen data to load?
>> i know other apps do this... how is it done?

I believe what you are trying to do is covered in "The Minimum You Need 
to Know About Qt and Databases."


You can see if WorldCat shows a university with a copy you get check out.


They've done something to their search engine recently though because it 
doesn't show you all of the libraries anymore and it doesn't find all of 
the titles easily.

There is a short (57 page) preview of the book on ScribD.


This was written with an early version of Qt 4.x and there were bugs in 
QSqlDatabase it had to work around. On the page for the book is a 
download link to the source code for the book if you just want to muddle 

You should find what you are looking for there though. I distinctly 
remember doing it. I've had to do it at many sites.

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