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I usually solve these kind of problems by having a very light
constructor, accepting the need to call a MyClass::initialize(...)
later. Is that unthinkable in your case?

You can pass the scene item on construction, store its address as a
member and use it later, when your scene is initialized.

I don't know if that's regarded to be a proper or a bad way to solve the
problem, it just works for me.

Would be interesting to know, if such an approach would be frowned upon
by professionals.


Am 09.06.2020 um 06:07 schrieb Nicholas Yue:
> Hi,
>   During the constructor phase of my QGraphicsItem derive class, I
> need to perform some QFont related information. The font information
> may be obtained via scene object but my study of the constructor stage
> is that it is not initialized yet.
>   The derived class is added to the scene via the addItem() call.
>   Is there another way to access the scene in a QGraphicsItem
> constructor ?
>   For now, I am passing the scene object explicitly
> class NodeItem(QtWidgets.QGraphicsItem):
> def __init__(self, name, attribues, scene):
> '''scene is only required because we need to query the font
> '''
> super(NodeItem, self).__init__()
>   Q : Does my need to use scene in the constructor indicates that my
> class was not designed properly?
>   Q : Are there other ways to obtain the font information in the
> constructor other than ?
> font = scene.property('font')
> fm = QtGui.QFontMetrics(font)
> Cheers
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