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> > On Thursday, 11 June 2020 21:40:03 PDT coroberti . wrote:
> > > Most people are using their Mac computers 7-10 years, yes without the
> > > security updates that for some usage patterns is still fine.
> >
> > macOS 10.13 runs on all 64-bit Intel Macs. It's 10.14 that requires
> > which is today only 6½ years old. All macOS updates have been free for
> > Why is anyone running anything older than 10.13? This is an honest
> > what makes people not upgrade their Macs?
> >
> Many people (teachers, tutors) in U.S. Educational systems have Mac
> They are not getting their Mac for free - free Chromebook, maybe.
> The Mac hardware works correctly for them for years with their school
> and for their professional purposes.
> They have modern browsers like Firefox and Chrome well supporting old
> Mac systems,
> and yes there are many of them still on 10.12 and even on 10.10.
> Modern browsers help them with Google-Docs and Office-Online and they
> do not need
> Safari patches for that.
> They are not earning as high as software/hardware engineering people and
> paying $1500-2000 for teachers is not something you can afford.

Why not to upgrade your Mac OS software?

1. Physiology.
People are not technical enough and have a real barrier to deal
with new features or changes of the UI.

*If it ain't broke, don't fix it - *they think (yes, correct - security
issues, but they have a rather low awareness).

2. Mac upgrade breaks your software, particularly true if you are in
multimedia or education.

If you do not have a license with the option to upgrade for N-years, y
ou end up re-purchasing the software.

This is a very common case on Mac, and a rather rare on Windows.

3. Software vendors steadily drop their support for Mac OS.
For example, Dragon Dictation from Nuance last version released was for
10.13 - no more support since that.

The reason for that is high cost of software support with changing API
security enhancements breaking applications on an yearly basis at least.

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