[Interest] Connecting signal handler to Qt application - async-handler-safety

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Mon Jun 15 18:12:21 CEST 2020

On segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2020 04:06:28 PDT Giuseppe D'Angelo via 
Interest wrote:
> On Linux you can also use signalfd(2) to achieve the same without the
> burden of a custom signal handler.

No, you can't, because you need to block the signal using pthread_sigmask in 
all threads, otherwise the kernel may prefer delivering the signal instead of 
using the signalfd. Qt has a few background threads (like the QHostInfo thread 
pool) that you don't have access to.

signalfd is a misfeature. Don't use it.

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