[Interest] Customzie Qtablemodel and selectionmodel.

Milos Top milosistop at outlook.com
Wed Jun 17 07:49:50 CEST 2020

I love Qt.
These days I have been working on Qt project with 5.15 of version.
Here I have one issue on QTableView/Model.
 I have a playlist with hundreds of thousands of records. Each record has 100+ fields.
It takes a little time to load all of the playlists fully.
But my client wants me to load it instantly So I tried with custom model and scroll bar.
What I tried is to load only visible records instead of loading all records.
So the model is changed by SQL Query (ex: "Select * from t_list Order by name asc limit 30, 100") when scrolling.
Everything is good.
But I can not implement "SelectionModel" on this model.
For example, I want to select first record and last record.
For now, If I select the first record and scroll to down then, I can not keep selections because the model is changed by scrolling.

How can I solve this issue efficiently?
Or is there another way to load a list with hundreds of thousands of records instantly?

Please reply me kindly.

Best regards,
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