[Interest] Qt scripting with JavaScript

Filippo Rusconi llistes.rusconi at laposte.net
Thu Jun 18 11:35:01 CEST 2020

Greetings, Fellow Developers,

I would like to ask for advice. I have been writing a scientific software that I
could succcessfully make scriptable using Qt Script. I have rewritten the
software and I would like to go on with JavaScript-based scripting. 

I notice that the documentation for Qt Script says this:

8< ~~~~~~
Warning: This module is not actively developed. It is provided for backwards
compatibility with Qt 4 only. For new code, use QJSEngine and related classes in
the Qt QML module instead.
~~~~~~~ >8

Is the QJSEngine a complete replacement of QScriptEngine ?

Can I use the Qt QML module-contained QJSEngine for a classical QWidgets-based
program ? If so, is the JS programming in this setting very different than what
I am used to with Qt Script ?

Script-wise, how about using Python to make my program scriptable? Is PySide
something that would match the requirement? Has anybody tried both Qt Script and
Python ? If so, what lessons were learnt ?

Thank your for reading up to here,



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