[Interest] QFile + resource + DLL = weird problem

Alexander Dyagilev alervdvcw at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 00:06:15 CEST 2020


My app consist of serveral binaries. Main binary uses some DLLs. One of 
DLLs has resources inside of it. It uses them for its own purposes.

I read resources inside of the DLL using this code:


We build our app using Jenkins (via script which uses "qmake 
project.pro" command).
All is working fine.

The weird problem is that today I've tried to build Release 
configuration on my PC. And it does NOT work! QFile::readAll returns an 
empty buffer.

It works in Debug configuration. If I replace the DLL built on my PC 
with the one built using Jenkins - it works too.

What is going on??

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