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Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Sun Jun 21 22:28:46 CEST 2020

Il 21/06/20 20:07, Elvis Stansvik ha scritto:
> I'm all for Qt offering faster way to do things. I expect that. But I
> also wonder: Why remove the slower alternative for those who value
> readability over optimality in the cases where the extra performance
> is not needed? In the docs, the slow alternative could have pointers
> to the fast alternative, and the user could make an informed choice.

Let me elaborate on what I commented on the bug report:

1) no API should lead to naturally writing bad code;

2) no API should encourage premature pessimization;

3) APIs should encourage the natural discovery of the best tool for a 
given job. If your job is to remove duplicates, the API should favour an 
algorithm for that, not the toSet().toList() combo, which is just an 

4) as developers of Qt: we must care about all of the above; and bad 
habits on user side shouldn't result in bad APIs, in the name of 
convenience or whatever;

5) ultimately, the most direct replacement of toContainer() is

> container | ranges::to<AnotherContainer> 

which isn't that much of an extra burden to learn / to type rather than 
toContainer(), and it's also obviously more general.


In other words: if you "don't care", you can just replace list.toSet() 
with list | ranges::to<QSet>. You can do it today, using just a C++14 
compiler (and you need a C++17 compiler anyhow if you're aiming for Qt 6).

Back on to OP's issue, with this code using deprecated APIs:

>     QSet<QString> missingKeys{customLines.keys().toSet().subtract(customLinesColor.keys().toSet())};

Then the "don't care" port can be done by something like:

> QSet<QString> missingKeys = customLines.keys() | ranges::to<QSet>;
> missingKeys.subtract(customLinesColor.keys() | ranges::to<QSet>);

If nobody ever told you about toSet(), and only told you about 
ranges::to<X>, would you be upset by toSet()'s deprecation?

My 2 c,
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