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Alexandre Ribeiro alexandregomesribeiro at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 17:44:59 CET 2020


I have my own custom 3D engine, that uses a custom renderer based on the
principles that can be seen in the textureinsgnode example.

In that example, immediately after the logo is rendered
(in LogoInFboRenderer::render), update is called, triggering a new frame

In FboInSGRenderer, i overrode beforeRender and afterRender, and I get the
expected signal order:


I then changed the example, so that I don't call update
in LogoInFboRenderer::render. I did this because I'm writing a CAD
application and I don't want an always running render loop. When I do this,
the scene is only updated when I change the window size, which is fine.

What's not fine is that sometimes, render is not called within a
beforeRender/afterRender pair, and this means that I have to handle this
case in my 3D engine, which isn't elegant...

How can I avoid this?

Thanks in advance,
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