[Interest] Qt Creator licensing for companies with Qt Commercial developers

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Wed Mar 25 20:16:16 CET 2020

25.03.2020, 22:09, "Vyacheslav Lanovets" <sol at lanovets.ru>:
> Hi,
> Situation.
> A company has a few developers with Qt Commercial subscription who
> write applications in Qt for iOS.
> There are many other developers, who work on other projects and don't
> use Qt libraries.
> They talk to each other and sometimes even work on the same code.
> Is it still possible for the developers who don't use Qt libraries in
> any way, use Qt Creator IDE for editing and debugging?

IANAL, but if you don't redistribute Qt Creator or derivative or combined works
based on Qt Creator, you can use it under terms of GPL without any obligations
from your side. From official GPL FAQ:


Moreover, GPL even allows using modified versions of Qt Creator inside
your company without sharing these modifications, as long as you don't distribute
it outside in any form. From official GPL FAQ:



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