[Interest] Reg Supported Qt version

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Tue Mar 31 13:22:47 CEST 2020

On Tuesday, 31 March 2020 02:49:25 -03 praveen illa wrote:
> Thanks for your email.
> The linux kernel security issues are in control for our board. We will
> change it if required.

I didn't say security. I simply said "support". Are you getting updates from 
your vendor?

And now that you mentioned security, how quickly do you get fixes? 3.14 is 
full of issues, can you tell us how recently you've got a fix? If the answer 
isn't "March 2020", it's late and you should use your board as a doorstop.

I'm serious.

> So, can you please tell me which version of Qt suits best for our board? If
> there are specific dependencies from QT end on linux kernel please bring it
> out now

Need a bit more information. Do you require SSL/TLS support? If so, you need 
at least Qt 5.12.

What do you plan on doing with just 64 MB of RAM, 64 MB of storage, and no HW 
acceleration of graphics?

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