[Interest] Qt Creator licensing for companies with Qt Commercial developers

Francis Herne mail at flherne.uk
Tue Mar 31 20:21:28 CEST 2020

> ...
> Example 6: Company I is building two independent products with separate
> development teams. One development team uses Qt under commercial license to
> create product 1 and the other development team uses Qt under open-source
> license to create product 2. This is ok.
> Hopefully I was able to clarify the topic with these examples. The Qt
> Company wants to provide Qt under open-source license. There is no mega
> corporation with deep pockets behind. Development of Qt is funded with the
> revenues gained from commercial licensing.
> Yours,
>                 Tuukka

Dear Tuukka,

Thank you for the clear examples.

If I'd seen this email before writing my previous one, it would have been less 

That said, could you explain how Example 6 is permitted under the licensing 
terms, given the section I quoted in the other email which appears to prohibit 
this without allowance for separate projects?

Thanks again,
 - Francis H

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