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On 3/31/20 12:49 AM, interest-request at qt-project.org wrote:
> I guess the conflicting terms are these:
> “Prohibited Combination” shall mean any means to (i) use, combine, incorporate, link or integrate Licensed Software with any software created with or incorporating Open Source Qt, (ii) use Licensed Software for creation of any software created with or incorporating Open Source Qt, or (iii) incorporate or integrate Applications into a hardware device or product other than a Device."
> Especially this combination: “use … Licensed Software with any software created with … Open Source Qt”
> KDE, doxygen, Wireshark (just to name a few) are using Open Source Qt.
> Can someone reflect how does it apply to that software? Can a customer use them to create software under the Qt commercial License terms?

I am not a lawyer and any opinion towards Licensing is my personal very 
subjective opinion.

Questions I've had as well. It seems the only solution is to never buy a 
commercial license, especially if you run KDE Neon as your primary 
development desktop.

Just how does one know if library-xyz, written in pure C++ used 
QtCreator OpenSource as the project IDE?

Is anyone working for Linus himself using QtCreator OpenSource as their 
favorite IDE? If so, by that definition you cannot use commercial Qt on 
Linux, any flavor.

I don't know if I trust this site, but . . .


It claims to list 167 Open Source projects using Qt5. Some of them could 
easily be part of one's development toolbox. I'm thinking of




Screencloud - for taking screenshots under Windows, Mac, and Linux

Embedded Ide - bare-metal ARM systems

Slacken - lightweight Qt client for Slack

A better list here





FBReader - for reading your reference ebooks


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