[Interest] Problem creating QLowEnergyService object

tom spencer nga_tom_s at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 8 02:58:31 CEST 2020

Background info - I am working with a Polar H10 heart rate sensor - the 
sensor provides both heart rate and ecg data.

I have no problem creating a QLowEnergyService object when I am dealing 
with heart rate. The problem lies with attempting to create the service 
object for ecg. The createServiceObject takes a QBluetoothUuid, problem 
is ecg is not one of the GATT standard items and is not contained in 
QBluetoothUuid. The Polar UUID for ecg is 
"FB005C80-02E7-F387-1CAD-8ACD2D8DF0C8". Is it possible to create the 
service object with this information or am I out of luck trying to get 
non standard data or is there another approach?

Thanks in Advance


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