[Interest] QSharedpointer members are not accessible: isNull and data

Tamás Nagy tamas.nagy.001 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 14:16:08 CEST 2020


class A
    QSharedPointer<QValidator> m_Validator;

My custom program:

            // unfortunately the di.Validator() is null
            // some A-s in the Map can have nullptr as Validator.

            if(auto validator = di.Validator())   // di is an instance of A
                if(validator != nullptr)
                    // old code that doesn't compile anymore with Qt 5.12.3
                    //QDomElement dom =
                    // new code that compiles with Qt 5.12.3
                    QDomElement dom =

                    parameter.appendChild(dom);   // TNagy: .data removed

The problem is that in spite of the QSharedPointer, the members of the
.data() and .isNull() are not accessible at all. I also tried
parentheses but no success.
Sometimes the Validators can be null sometimes not. I have to check if
it is null or not.

What is the problem with the QSharedPointer, why is it not visible in that case?
If I try to use the intellisense on the di.Validator. it lists only
the members of the QValidator.


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