[Interest] QDesktopServices::openUrl() without inheriting environment?

Olivier B. perso.olivier.barthelemy at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 17:50:07 CEST 2020

An application needs custom library search path to use it's own versions of
external libraries.
But because of this, when opening files in external applications
using QDesktopServices::openUrl(), the system applications (browser)
registered for the file type will first try to use the application's
version of the libraries, instead of the system ones the browser is
supposed to depend on.
FreeType dependency in particular, seems to make executables that depend on
libfreetype.so.6, name which has been used at least between version 2.6 and
2.9. The newer ones having additional new symbols. The application, here,
uses a 2.7 Freetype, but the browser needs at least FreeType 2.9, so
launching the browser from the application fails because the newer Freetype
symbols are not found.

Is there a way to still use the mechanism to find the application to use
from system settings, but launch the command with the default system
environment, not the one inherited from the application's process
(something like calling the command with env -i) ?
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