[Interest] QDesktopServices::openUrl() without inheriting environment?

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 02:10:10 CEST 2020

On 23/10/2020 18:50, Olivier B. wrote:
> An application needs custom library search path to use it's own versions 
> of external libraries.

You should look into doing that at link-time, not runtime. With a qmake 
project, you should be able to add:


in the project file. Make sure it's a relative directory. In this 
example, the runtime loader will look for a "lib" directory in the same 
directory as the executable and prefer libraries that exist there. This 
uses the linker's $ORIGIN feature to do this.

This means you don't have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH prior to starting your 
application and thus external processes launched through 
QDesktopServices::openUrl() will not use your bundled libs.

You can also something like "../lib" instead, if your application's 
directory structure uses the traditional "bin" and "lib" layout. The 
important thing is whatever you specify is a relative path.

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