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Volker Hilsheimer volker.hilsheimer at qt.io
Thu Apr 1 15:25:14 CEST 2021

> On 1 Apr 2021, at 14:47, Roland Hughes <roland at logikalsolutions.com> wrote:
>> PS: Roland, I was looking at your https://www.theminimumyouneedtoknow.com/agile_book.html page, and judging by this sentence, I think your review process is broken. You should probably ask for your money back from your professional editors, or something… :P
>> "The author of this title has spent over 30 years in IT working on multi-country corporate applications before there was an Interent, to stock exchange trading floor systems, desktop applications, and even multiple medical devices."
> The book was professionally edited. I put the page together with far less thought than I put into a post on here. You think it is a run-on sentence, so what?

I assume you mean “Internet” when your page says “interent”.

> The book still sells and I've done very little marketing. Other than the occasional mention when answering a question for free, none really.


> When the justification for letting 12 year old bugs exist in the bug database is:
> that the code was too complex or that fixing the old bug would create new bugs
> The code had just as much review before check-in as the page that you looked at.

That’s probably true; 12 years ago Qt was GPL/commercial only and not an open source project with contributors outside of Trolltech. The Windows port was commercial only, and we used perforce for version control. We didn’t do any formal code reviews.

Yes, there are bugs in Qt where a fix would break existing code that relies on current behavior. And yes, there is code in Qt that is fragile, for different reasons. The code I wrote 15+ years ago to support Windows XP menu animations in Qt is probably not a shiny example of robustness.

But most of it is pretty good, even some of mine, and it makes me proud to have been able to contribute to Qt and to work with the incredibly talented people in the Qt community for most of my professional career. I’m sorry that you don’t like it.


PS: yes, the oldest open bug in Qt is https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-255, reported in 2006.

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