[Interest] Send Data to JavaScript

John Schneiderman jschneiderman at gog.com
Mon Apr 12 15:17:13 CEST 2021

I'm attempting to send data to the JavaScript side of the QWebEngine 
code. This data is being emitted via a signal. The registration is 
connected correctly as other components work just fine, though they're 
emitting only a single int or QString.

An example of what I'm attempting is below:

class Demo : QObject




             QMap<QString, QStringList> mappings
                 MEMBER mappings_
                 NOTIFY mappingsChanged


What I'm expecting is that mappings would be transformed on the 
JavaScript side as:

mappings {

     "key" : ["abc", "def"]...


However, when I try to view the data in the emitted signal it's always 
null. Any suggestions where I should look for more answers or perhaps 
I'm going in an incorrect direction?


John Schneiderman
Senior Software Engineer
CDPR Squad

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