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Roland Hughes roland at logikalsolutions.com
Mon Apr 12 17:40:04 CEST 2021

On 4/12/21 8:56 AM, John Schneiderman wrote:
> I'm attempting to send data to the JavaScript side of the QWebEngine
> code. This data is being emitted via a signal.

Here's a link to an old tutorial.


Your little Demo was missing the signal declaration. I suspect the real 
problem is you aren't passing by reference.


class WebClass : public QObject
Q_PROPERTY(QString someattribute MEMBER m_someattribute NOTIFY someattributeChanged)
public slots:
     void jscallme()
         QMessageBox::information(NULL,"jscallme","I'm called by js!");

     void someattributeChanged(QString & attr);
     QString m_someattribute;


I humbly suggest you follow the slow and painful path here. (Knowing 
full well you are probably going to try just fixing the signal <Grin>)

1.) Get just a QString to work

2.) Get just a QStringList to work

3.) Get a QMap<int, QString > to work

4.) Get a QMap<int, QStringList> to work

5.) Get your QMap<QString, QStringList> to work

I suspect when moving from step 3 to 4 you may need to add a 
Q_DECLARE_METATYPE for your QMap definition. You didn't say what version 
of Qt you are using. I seem to remember running into that a while back. 
I cannot share any of the code that I did because that was bought and 
paid for by a client. During at least one rev of Qt, when you got to a 
container of containers things got a bit dicey.

Keep in mind that you don't need a signal. As Qt users we knee-jerk to 
use of signal/slot but you don't really need it. Cutting and pasting 
from that link.

view->page()->runJavaScript("jsfun();",[this](const QVariant &v) { qDebug()<<v.toString();});

You can invoke a JavaScript function you write for your browser page and have it pull data.

Or, (I've never tried this) you can brute force a JavaScript function 
into whatever page is loaded.

view->page()->runJavaScript("function getelement(){return $('#elementid').val();} getelement();",[this](const QVariant &v) { qDebug()<<v.toString();});

If all else fails and your QMap isn't consuming a Gig+ of RAM, you can steal inspiration from this stackoverflow snippet.

|QMap<QString, int> myMap; QVariantMap vmap; QMapIterator<QString, int> 
i(myMap); while (i.hasNext()) { i.next(); vmap.insert(i.key(), 
i.value()); } QJsonDocument json = QJsonDocument::fromVariant(vmap); |

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