[Interest] Guide me through the Qt offerings for GUIs

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I took another look at the showcase and am still having trouble finding any
substantial desktop application built with QML.


Desktops may now be a niche corner of the market, but they are still where
most productivity occurs. Software is still being actively developed and
sold for desktops and there remains a demand for a cross-platform desktop
GUI solution.


Can QML be that solution? I am not sure because I cannot find any examples.


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You might want to give the showroom a look, some of them are Qml based:



Some use the Felgo layer:












Note: this is a personal point of view, strongly opinion ahead from that


as for the Desktop application, the line is blurring more and more everyday
(iPad and surface pro are good example that “desktop” is no more like it
used to be for most people). The workstation is more for a specific corner
case now a day. I would not limit myself to a few platforms, mobile and
desktop are becoming a mix bag and removing platform is a bad future choice
I think. I never liked the “native” look and feel, I prefer my user to be in
my app feel across platform instead, they don’t get lost when using it on
mobile, Mac OS or Windows
 it doesn’t matter. Facebook, messenger, Google
application, Apple application all tends to be this way too. The OS is just
a low level tool/helper in the end, the actual work is made inside your
application, the end user often care very little about the OS, as long as
they can find and launch their app and do their stuff easily.


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Where are the examples of real QML desktop applications on The Qt Co.
website? I did a quick walk through the customer showcase and cannot find

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This is false, as a quick walk through the customer showcase on TQC's
website will show.

On 18/04/2021 14:50, Roland Hughes wrote:
> I guess QML is more present in embedded? Or maybe some entreprise 
> stuff we don't know about...
> Just phones and John Deere. 

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