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Rui Oliveira ruilvo at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 22 10:47:20 CEST 2021

Well, I think this needs some historial context. Remember Nokia and how 
they wanted Qt to be the /de facto/ SDK for their mobile SO? QWidgets + 
phones? Not that great of a deal... Now update that story to Android or 
whatever, and Widgets aren't an answer for mobile development. It makes 
sense QML/Quick is what it is.

What doesn't make sense, to me at least, is how QQC*1* seemed to have 
had a better feature set for the desktop than QQC*2*. I mean, one would 
expect progress, not regression... But oh well.

QML/Quick, for me, seems to need a lot of work for the desktop. Also, it 
seems it's make for "flat", low density UIs. Yesterday I was presented 
with this: https://ossia.io/ . Look how good it looks 
(https://ossia.io/assets/score.png)! Holy damn, an that's widgets. And 
that's a proper desktop productivity application. I mean, if we look at 
like NeoChat (https://matrix.org/docs/projects/client/neo-chat/), which 
is made with KDE Kirigami (a Qt Quick framework extension), or the 
Telegram desktop application, they look all nice and all, but they lack 
the density.

Real productivity applications, that are to be mouse operated, and have 
desktop-first (and only) oriented designs have density. Look at 
Solidworks, look at EagleCAD, look at QtCreator of all things! Even 
vscode, which is an electron app, has the extra UI density needed for 
productivity on desktop. I mean, I'm writing this in Mozilla 
Thunderbird, and any "modern" client, with a "flat" UI would have half, 
or even less, the information density, at the gain of what? Nice 

And I use Windows, so I know very much first hand how low density "flat 
UI" is useless for any real work.

I don't know much, if anything, about design, but I am indeed a user of 
a computer, it's easy to see what makes me more productive or not.

As always, anything I do is an invitation for comments.


Em 21/04/2021 21:39, Bernhard Lindner escreveu:
>> Personally, I think the exsting QtQuick element should be scrapped and just focus on QML
>> versions of the existing Widget functionality. I love the QML syntax, hate that it's not
>> just a layer on top of widgets.
> +100
> Why this wasn't done from the start is one of the hardest puzzles! I ask myself this
> question every time I read the three letters "QML" :-)
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