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>> We currently have no specific plans to make QWidget render through RHI, and neither the video nor my earlier emails suggest that this is on the roadmap. It generally makes very little sense to draw with a pen into a freshly wiped out Vulkan surface > 60 times per second.
> Why are QWidgets not rendering almost everything directly from texture? Except when styles are changed, there should almost never be a need to blit a widget. There is nothing intrinsic about widgets (vs. quick controls) that requires them to be blitted onto a freshly wiped surface 60 times per second, only inertia and a lack of desire to make any improvements to the widget backend in over a decade.
Just a point of interest.

That work of art UI I posted a link to earlier had no GPU. This is 
common in the embedded world when people are pushing for days (not 
minutes) of battery life. We pre-loaded all our images, did our own 
caching, and blitted everything.

When this conversation talks about QML performance in the embedded world 
it is talking about that subset of the embedded world which splurges for 

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