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The other part of the problem is that he doesn't come from the world of
well-adjusted, well-behaved people. This could answer your question.

Le jeu. 29 avr. 2021 à 12:05, Bernhard Lindner <private at bernhard-lindner.de>
a écrit :

> The main problem isn't trolling. The main problem is: Roland comes from a
> completely
> different world. The world of functional safety. This world is difficult
> and a completely
> different from conventional software development. It is particularly
> different from
> smartphone and web development. And it doesn't have much to do with
> desktop software
> development. I have also been in this world for more than 3 years. A world
> where
> programming is the least important thing. Where documentation is
> important. And the law.
> And prison. And accuracy and multi-level tests and reliability and
> verification and
> validation and standards. And many years of support. And certifications. A
> person who has
> worked in this world for a long time has different priorities. Roland
> calls this "True
> Software Engineering".
> Obviously, Qt has nothing to do with this type of software engineering.
> And it's obviously
> not suitable for functional safety (at least not if you take it seriously).
> What I don't understand is why Roland doesn't just leave the mailing list
> and forget about
> Qt. Qt is not suitable for use in his industrial sector, so I can't
> understand why he
> spends so much time writing about the conflict between the reality of Qt
> and the reality
> of his industrial sector. If I were him, I would have given up trying to
> influence Qt's
> strategy a long time ago.
> (Actually, I'm about to give up my hopes for desktop development with Qt).
> So, Roland, why are you keeping the conflicts going?
> --
> Best Regards,
> Bernhard Lindner
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