[Interest] wasm build of Qt 6.1.x ?

David Skoland david.skoland at qt.io
Tue Jun 8 14:36:09 CEST 2021


Have you tried using cmake? It might work, even if wasm won’t be officially supported again before 6.2. Compiling qt from current development HEAD and using that to cross-compile to wasm should work, though, if living on the bleeding edge is ok :)


David Skoland

On 7 Jun 2021, at 21:55, Nicholas Yue <yue.nicholas at gmail.com<mailto:yue.nicholas at gmail.com>> wrote:


I have built a wasm version for Qt 5.14.2 successfully and use that to build various test applications.

I have been trying to cross compile to wasm_32 using emscripten for Qt 6.1.0.
I have not been successful.

Has anyone been able to do so ? Which version of emsdk was installed and activated for the build to be successful ? I have tried both 1.39.8 and 2.0.14 without success

The build does complete but when I use the qmake from the wasm build, there was a link error looking for freetype and OpenGL amongst other errors, has anyone come across that error ?

I also noticed that the required wasm_shell.html was not installed in the expected place by qmake.

I had a look at Qt 6.1.1 release notes hoping to find out if there was any mention of wasm/webassembly but did not see any.

Nicholas Yue
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