[Interest] More on table problem

Turtle Creek Software support at turtlesoft.com
Fri Jun 11 13:52:25 CEST 2021

Here's more info on the weird QTableWidget problem we're seeing.

One of our data entry fields uses combination of widgets:  a QLineEdit
subclass with a linked QToolButton subclass next to it, and a QListWidget
subclass that drops down underneath.  It acts kinda like a combo box, but
better for really long lists. The whole assembly works properly in regular
data entry screens.  Clicking on button or list changes values in the line
edit field.

We use setCellWidget to put the same QLineEdit subclass into a QTableWidget
cell. The button and list appear properly, but the button does not catch
mouse clicks.  They go to the cell behind the button instead.

We use signals/slots to connect the clicked signal, but don't fiddle with
events otherwise.

Casey McD
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