[Interest] Qt 3D, Image Formats and SCXML license change in Qt 6?

Benjamin TERRIER b.terrier at gmail.com
Mon May 10 14:01:40 CEST 2021


In the online installer when installing these 3 modules, the following text
is shown in the description and tooltip:

This component is available under commercial licenses from The Qt Company,
> or under GPL v3. For open source use, please note the additional
> requirements compared to LGPL v3.

Implying that they are non longer licensed under LGPLv3.
However, according to the documentation they are still available under

Same thing for the Qt 5 compatibility module, it shows the same text in the
online installer.
But is licensed under GPLv2 and LGPLv3 according to the documentation.

I have not found a bug report about this.
Is the documentation correct, or is the online installer correct?


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