[Interest] QFile and file shortcuts on Windows.

Crocker, William William.Crocker at analog.com
Fri Sep 24 19:52:45 CEST 2021

> > On windows this fails (for me) for files which are actually Windows
> > shortcuts to the real file. Is that a bug or am I supposed to the
> > provide special code for shortcut detection and processing.
> AIUI Windows shortcuts are just regular files with the .lnk extension.
> If you want them followed, use NTFS symlinks instead.

Thanks for the pointer.

I assume these are created with the mklink command
(which can only be run from the administrative level on my Windows machine).
Waiting for my IT department to grant me permission.

I contrast that with symbolic links on U*NIX-like systems
which can be used at any time by your average Joe and
since their invention some 50+ years ago.

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