[Interest] Using QSGRenderNode with Skia

Daljit Singh daljit97 at live.com
Tue Sep 28 10:59:04 CEST 2021

I'm working with a drawing application where I'm using Skia (opengl backend) for rendering the content (QPainter was too slow for my needs). To do this I first used the QQuickFramebufferObject class and was successfully able to render Skia's drawing commands.

However, for various reasons the QSGRenderNode class is more suited for my needs as it enables to render with no intermediate FBO. So, I tried to use it but unfortunately when I tried, the Skia drawing commands are rendered incorrectly. The coordinate system seems to be vertically mirrored and when the window application is resized, the QQuickItem moves around and translates its position unexpectedly.
A full example demonstrating the issue can be downloaded here https://easyupload.io/qbi03i.

Is there a way to setup QSGRenderNode so that the Skia's drawing commands are rendered as expected?

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