[Interest] Official linuxdeployqt ?

Hamish Moffatt hamish at risingsoftware.com
Tue Aug 9 01:08:59 CEST 2022

On 8/8/22 16:09, Jörg Bornemann wrote:
> Mitch already pointed you to QTBUG-74940.  The biggest question 
> regarding a linuxdeployqt is: what exactly is the deployment format 
> going to be?  There's no standard way of deploying Linux applications. 
> There are many.
> The community contributions create AppImage packages.  That seems to 
> be a reasonable choice.  Other opinions?

Like Roland said, it has to be Flatpak. I haven't seen anyone talking 
about AppImage in years, and Snap is too Ubuntu-specific.

windeployqt doesn't package anything though, so should linuxdeployqt? 
macdeployqt only sort of does, with its dmg support.


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