[Interest] Proper way to track mouse leaving a widgets boundary

Scott Bloom scott at towel42.com
Tue Aug 16 18:45:31 CEST 2022

I have a QTextEdit derived class, that sets setMouseTracking( true ) in the constructor.  Note, this isn't about QTextEdit and should I use QTextBrowser.  Ive had this issue multiple times over the last 20 years of Qt development, and the solution has always been the same and I am not convinced it's the correct way.

When there is a mouseMoveEvent in which the anchor at the mouse position is not empty, I override the cursor.

When the anchor at the point is empty, I restore the cursor

On mouseReleaseEvent I open the URL from the anchor.

All works great (yes I know QTextBrowser should be able to be used, but there are some issues with that, and its not the issue)

The problem is, when the mouse leaves the widget there isn't a "mouseLeaveEvent" so if the mouse is able to leave with the cursor overridden, it stays overridden.

The workaround, I added a eventFilter on the parent widget.  If the parent widget receives any event and the globalPos of the cursor (using QCursor::pos() ) is outside the widget its restores the cursor.  It works, however it seems a bit hackish

What is the "proper" methodology for tracking when a mouse leaves the widget? Ive tried various methods through the years, and this is the way that I find works

Full source for the widget can be found here



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