[Interest] Deploying 5.15.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 (Qt5OpenGL.so)

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Mon Aug 22 14:11:29 CEST 2022

For our open source program we create self-contained .tar.gz archives for users to download. Currently we use Qt5.15.2 for those archives. After packaging I run a sanity check on my Ubuntu 20.04 fully patched system and the program will launch just fine. It is a GUI based program. Last week 2 users reported that when the launch the program on their Ubuntu 20.04 systems they get an error when one of our Plugins loads (we use Qt's plugin infrastructure to load) that basically says the plugin cannot load because Qt5OpenGL.so could not be loaded. That library is in the proper location (alongside all of the other libraries in the install). I'm not a linux guy and Googling didn't really turn anything up that was helpful. We dropped back to an older version of our program where I built against Qt5.9 and those binaries worked just fine. I'm looking for advice on what might be the issue? OpenGL drivers (The user's machine was using a Mesa install running on an Intel HDXXXX hardware). I think we actually build on Ubuntu 18.04 but we build against the Qt5.15 binaries from Qt.io instead of system installed Qt binaries. Maybe that is the issue? Advice is appreciated.

If you want to give the binaries a go they are at: http://dream3d.bluequartz.net/binaries/cmu_2022

Thank You.
Mike Jackson 

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