[Interest] Qt 6.4.1 static - Missing some debug objects when using a static build kit?

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Fri Dec 9 01:32:43 CET 2022

On Thursday, 8 December 2022 15:07:45 PST Nuno Santos wrote:
> I’ve built Qt 6.4.1 from the source and when compiling an existing project
> in debug the following symbols are missing.
> However, if I build the same project in release, everything is fine, not a
> single error.

I don't know about the resource files that were reported, but all the others 
are _debug.a files, meaning we're talking about the debug libraries with the 
"_debug" suffix, on macOS. I've just checked the CI configuration and we test 
static only on Linux and on Windows. More importantly, static is only tested 
in release mode.

I recommend you revisit your thinking. The develop & debug cycle with a static 
build is way too long, because you must relink everything, in particular with 
the massive libraries that a Qt debug build produces. I don't see the point in 
building Qt in debug mode unless you're going to debug Qt itself. Even if you 
are, a dynamic debug build of Qt makes more sense. So you should develop your 
application (debug mode) against a dynamic, release build of Qt.

Second, you should switch to static only after you've finished your development 
process and are ready to release. At that point, you don't need a debug build, 
unless this final build produces issues that weren't found before. If that is 
the case here, you should lead with the error conditions.

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