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Sun Dec 18 16:24:04 CET 2022

We sell to construction companies.  They are not computer geeks, and often
run the original OS until the machine dies.  Given the flakiness of some
Mac OS upgrades, that may be ideal policy.

Apple moves far too fast with chip, OS and language changes. It's hard for
small developers to keep up. We started on 680x0, Pascal and Toolbox.
That's 3 chips, 3 languages and 3 OS frameworks ago. A jolt every 3 years.

We gave up on Xcode/Cocoa since Obj-C seemed doomed and we have too much
C++ code to ever port to Swift and/or SwiftUI.  I imagine Qt faces the same
problems, but on a more system level.

If Qt Co does not have the resources to support more than 3 years of OS
versions, then please at least create some good stopping points that
solidly support older Mac OS versions. Explain which to use for which OS
ranges. Then, developers may need to build multiple apps.  That kinda
sucks, but it's better than losing/annoying users because they don't want
the expense/pain of new hardware.

Casey McDermott
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