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Konrad Rosenbaum konrad at silmor.de
Tue Dec 27 21:28:53 CET 2022


0.) QTextBrowser is an actual light-weight browser with limited HTML 
support of a sub-set of HTML 4, but it is good enough for many tasks - 
especially when the HTML is generated inside the program itself and 
displays only relatively simple content. It can be used for 
documentation, if you can live without complex CSS. It is not good 
enough to display external web pages.

On 27/12/2022 15:49, Alexander Carôt wrote:
> I need to define roadmap for future development and with regard to web browser-integrated Qt solutions am I correct that:
> 1.) QtWebView works on any platform as a “light-weight” solution and especially on iOS and Android there currently is no other choice ?

1.) QtWebView is not exactly light-weight. For Windows and Linux it uses 
QtWebEngine for rendering, on Apple OSes it uses the system browser 
engine (derived from the same code base as WebEngine).

Use this if you want to be compatible with all platforms, since e.g. the 
iOS app store forbids you to use your own browser component and forces 
the use of the system component.

> 2.) QtWebEngine representes the full-browser stack but it only works on macOS, Linux and Windows ?

2.) No idea, never used it. Hopefully someone else will answer that.

> 3.) QtWebKit is outdated and not available in Qt6 anymore ?

3.) Correct.

> 4.) No other Qt-related classes besides 1.) and 2.) exist for this purpose ?
4.) See above. And you can always call QDesktopServices::openUrl to open 
the system browser.


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