[Interest] Thread-To-CPU-Core distribution

Alexander Carôt alexander_carot at gmx.net
Wed Dec 28 11:08:50 CET 2022

Hello all,

in a special use case I launch audio- and video streaming classes in my Qt main thread and also a web browser as an interface (webview or webengine) but I want to have their operation consciously separated over available cpu cores such as

Core 1: Audio Callback Thread
Core 2: Video Callback Thread
Core 3: Web browser

and not let the system decide what runs on which core.

With audio and video this works fine already according to


because I am using pthreads for them anyways.

Now I wonder if this is also possible for Qt and my web browser instance in particular.

Thanks in advance for any hint,


Email : Alexander at Carot.de
Tel.: +49 (0)177 5719797

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