[Interest] QGraphicsProxyWidget not honoring embedded widget's palette

Murphy, Sean Sean.Murphy at centauricorp.com
Mon Feb 21 20:57:34 CET 2022

I'm attempting to add a custom widget to a QGraphicsScene and I'm having 
some trouble with the palette settings. 

1. I've got a custom widget class, say "fooWidget" which is a composite widget 
    made up of a bunch of different child widgets (QLabels, QRadioButtons, etc.). 
2. It has a setFooData(const fooData& data) function which populates all the label 
    text, radio buttons, etc. based off from the parameters in "data". Part of populating
    everything includes changing the background colors of some of the widgets by 
    modifying the QPalette for those specific widgets. 

This works perfectly if I instantiate the fooWidget anywhere under my MainWindow 
widget hierarchy - the child widgets' text are all set correctly AND their background colors
are filled in properly.

If, however, I move that same widget onto a QGraphicsScene via 
    fooWidget* foo = new fooWidget();
    QGraphicsProxyWidget* proxy = scene->addWidget(foo)
The fooWidget is properly added to the scene, all of its child widgets' text values are 
correctly updated based on whatever is in "data", BUT the widget background colors are 
not updated - they are just the default values as if I hadn't attempted to change the palette.

Any way for me to get QGraphicsProxyWidget to honor the embedded widget's palette? Using
Qt 5.15.2 if that matters...


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