[Interest] Is there a good alternative to the QML Controls in Qt6 for native desktop integration purposes?

Richard Weickelt richard at weickelt.de
Fri Feb 25 12:06:02 CET 2022

Hi Volker,

closing access to LTS was a terrible decision by the Qt Company's management. 

Why is there no bounty system to attract developers fixing bugs and lowering the barrier for anybody to get bugs fixed in a timely manner or to get features added? Voting for tickets is entire non-sense if it's not backed by money.

I never found it hard to contribute to Qt and always enjoyed the positive and helpful review comments. I learned something for life. And I don't care about the CLA as long as I can use the fruits of my own work.

Selling licenses is a business model for sure, but I don't think it's a very healthy model for the future of Qt. The role of the Qt company should be more about moderation, communication and building up a fertile eco system IMO. But that is not very compatible with the purpose of a stock company. Right now it behaves more like a traditional industrial company without any notion of creativity. But I think it's too late to make Qt great again. C++ is no longer the lingua franca on the desktop and people got even used to sluggish software like MS Teams. C# is backed by overwhelming manpower and market force, I don't see how the Qt company can compete with that.


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