[Interest] QIcon vs QQuickIcon

ivan tkachenko me at ratijas.tk
Wed Jun 1 01:08:21 CEST 2022

> The standard solution is to use a QQuickImageProvider.
> In C++ you would implement your own QQuickImageProvider which will contain
> the QIcons.
> In QML then you would use a url like "image://myprovider/icon_id".
> Then the QML engine will call your QQuickImageProvider to retrieve the icon
> image.
> An alternative solution might be to use data urls, but I have never tried
> it.

Sounds insanely complex when just got a QIcon from somewhere and you want to 
feed it into UI.

Well, thanks for clarifying that no [easy] solution is currently available in 
the Qt itself.

ivan (@ratijas)
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