[Interest] QJsonValue toArray and toObject possible behavior change

Tobias Weihs tobiasweihs at posteo.de
Wed Jun 8 12:31:07 CEST 2022

I stumbled across what looks like a behavior change when calling 
QJsonValue::toArray( defaultValue )  and QJsonValue::toObject( 
defaultValue ). Example:

QJsonObject obj;
obj.insert( "object", QJsonObject() );
obj.insert( "array", QJsonArray() );
LOG_INFO( obj.value( "object" ).toObject( { { "object", 0 } } ) );
LOG_INFO( obj.value( "array" ).toArray( { "array" } ) );

In 5.8 this printed an empty object and an empty array (like I would 
have expected), but in 5.15.2 this prints the default values instead. 
Documentation also says if the type of the QJsonValue is not 
Object/Array then the defaultValue is returned but the type is actually 
correct in both versions.
Is this an intended change or am I doing something wrong? I had a quick 
look into the bug tracker and couldn't find anything related. I'm also 
not able to test this with any newer version.


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