[Interest] QR-Code reading using QZXing crashes Android activity

Michael Heiser | SYSTRONIK Elektronik und Systemtechnik GmbH Heiser at systronik.de
Mon Mar 21 12:37:41 CET 2022

Hello experts,

I'm currently porting my app to Qt6. The App depends on QZXing as QR-Code reading library which is working really good with Qt 5.15.x. With the changes in Qt Multimedia framework (no QAbstractVideoFilter) the guys of QZXing library are using QVideoSink as provider for QVideoFrame. From QVideoFrame the construct QImages for processing the QRCode information.

I'm currently testing this approach with the example provided by QZXing and the example is crashing with this new approach when the current frame from the camera is copied via QImage::copy(srcImageFromVideoFrame, QRect(captureRect)). I narrowed it down with debug outputs to this call:

            if (captureRect.isValid() && frameToProcess.size() != rect.size()) {
                frameToProcess = image.copy(rect);

What could cause the app to crash here? Are there some checks for image format of the source image missing? What can I do get it to work? Any help is appreciated.

Furher information to this problem: https://github.com/ftylitak/qzxing/issues/217

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