[Interest] fixit in Creator 7.01

John Weeks john at wavemetrics.com
Thu May 5 00:40:57 CEST 2022

Our old code has tons of assignments inside if statements, like:
if (err = somefunction())
	return err;

These are flagged by the clangd suggesting that it should be either
if ( (err = somefunction()) )
if (err == somefunction())

In the past, if you left-clicked on the little light bulb at the end of the line, it would put up a menu of fixits, offering a choice of those two fixes. In 7.01, when I left-click, it simply goes ahead and applies the *second* fix without presenting a choice. That, of course, creates a very hard-to-see bug.

I can just barely see where someone might think this change is a good idea, but it seems more likely to be a bug. Thought I would ask before filing a bug, as I'm not very good at searching the bugs data base.

At one point, I clicked on the yellow triangle in the left margin and got the little fixit widget. I clicked on the one I wanted (adding parens) and it applied BOTH fixes!

-John Weeks

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