[Interest] SVG works in PySide2, but not PySide6?

Israel Brewster ijbrewster at alaska.edu
Wed May 18 21:00:07 CEST 2022

I have a (rather large) SVG image (map of the world) that I am displaying using a QGraphicsSvgItem and a QSvgRenderer (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Dq_LwyC-7OcaGfkRXeVkpqkmm37Jkdv/view?usp=sharing). Under PySide2/Qt 5.15.2 it worked fine. I am now trying to move to PySide6/Qt 6.3. Unfortunately, after the update I now get an error "qt.svg: Invalid path data; path truncated”, and significant portions of the Alaska coastline (which is of primary interest to me) are now missing. Of course the rest of the world, which I don’t really care about, looks fine. 

Presumably this change in behavior is due to a newer SVG rendering engine? How might I fix it?
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