[Interest] Change modifier for horizontal scrolling with mousewheel

Sean Murphy Sean.M.Murphy at us.kbr.com
Fri May 20 17:26:15 CEST 2022

The subject mostly says it all - is there a way to change the modifier used to allow horizontal scrolling with mousewheel?

By default it appears that Alt + mousewheel in a QScrollArea (and QGraphicsView, etc.) scrolls horizontally, but I have a user that wants that to be Shift + mouse wheel instead... Fine, I'll add some settings in my Options dialog to allow users to customize which key modifiers do what, but then I need to make it happen.

I think I can accomplish this by adding an event filter. The issue I see is that the existing Alt + mousewheel behaves just like I want - scroll direction sense is the way I want it, scroll size seems sensible for a single mouse wheel bump, and I don't see anywhere in the API where I can query what that scroll step size is to duplicate it.

Any tips/tricks? Ideally, could I just trap the users actual event, but then turn around and send an Alt+mousewheel event to the widget? That way I get the default scrolling behavior, but I'm just inserting a custom modifier layer over the top?


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