[Interest] qt_add_qml_module and not embedding QML files

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Wed Nov 2 12:52:57 CET 2022

On Wed, 2 Nov 2022 at 09:32, Ulf Hermann via Interest <
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> Can you try to construct a minimal example that reproduces the problem
> and create a bug report?

> One significant difference between QML debugger and QML preview is that
> the debugger uses a TCP connection while the preview uses a local
> socket. The QML profiler also uses a local socket. Does that work?
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The QML profiler works fine.
I was able to reproduce the preview being stuck at connecting on another PC.

When I tried with basic examples, the preview works fine,  so it needs some
investigation before reproducing it with a minimal example.

The 2 main points that could be relevant are:
1. I use Qt WebEngine widgets, it might be nothing, but the fact that Qt
WebEngine does not work in the nanobrowser example when using qml preview
is suspicious.
2. The app is primarily widgets, but we use QML inside QQuickView, inside
container widgets. So when the app starts 3 or 4 QML engines are created.

I'll try to do some tests around that when I have some free time in the
next few days.
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