[Interest] BTLE device discovered on Linux, Windows, and Android, but not MacOS or iOS

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Thu Nov 3 21:22:23 CET 2022

you should have something like this in your info.plist:




Am 03.11.22 um 19:51 schrieb Glen Mabey:
> I'm working on a project that is developing a new Bluetooth Low Energy 
> device (it's a BTLE "peripheral"), which is *not* running any Qt code.
> The application that talks to it (the BTLE "central") *is* written in 
> Qt -- I've tried various versions, but I'm currently using 6.4.0.
> I started with the "Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Game" example but 
> also consulted other BTLE examples provided with Qt.  Everything works 
> as expected in Linux, Windows 10, and Android, but in MacOS and iOS 
> the device is simply never discovered.
> I suspect that there's an Apple "white list" that is filtering out 
> this device (still under hardware development) before it reaches Qt 
> libraries, but I have been unable to find any Apple specific docs that 
> identify such a mechanism.
> So, this really is a MacOS/iOS question (problem) but I'm posting here 
> first because I'm afraid that the fact that I'm using Qt will 
> confuse apple developers who otherwise would be helpful.
> Also of note -- using this app 
> https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lightblue/id557428110 I *do* see the 
> peripheral under development, which makes me believe that it's not 
> anything hardware or RF related, nor even a fundamental limitation of 
> iOS.  There's just some kind of permission that needs to be relaxed -- 
> like promiscuous mode for ethernet.
> Does anyone know where such a setting might be housed?
> Thank you!
> Glen Mabey
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