[Interest] TSAN findings in a simple QApplication/QMetaObject::invokeMethod example

Dennis Luehring dl.soluz at gmx.net
Sun Nov 6 09:33:21 CET 2022

On Saturday, 5 November 2022 10:24:49 PDT Dennis Luehring wrote:
>>/qt6_dev/qt6-build$ ../qt6/qtbase/configure -developer-build -debug />>/-opensource -nomake examples -nomake tests -sanitize thread />>/qt6_dev/qt6-build$ cmake --build . --parallel 2 /
> But it looks like Glib is a blackbox for TSan and it can't report anything.
>It's possible some of those are caused by the way we use it or Gtk, I wouldn't
> know.

i'll try to compile GLib also with TSAN and report back

>> Anyway, as I said, you can disable it and the glib loop to see pure Qt
>> warnings.

QT_NO_GLIB=1 seems to have no real effect

>> BTW, thanks for doing this. I had a vague recollection of that
>> QCoreApplication notification problem, but it's going on 7 years now and I've
>> never acted on it. For Qt 6 to 7 changes, we're being smarter by making the
>> changes *now* and just hiding them under #if.

so the question is: why are Qt developers (like you?) do not use TSAN for detecting such problems?

for example in my current project: all unit tests are runned 3 times, vanilla-build, ASAN-build, TSAN-build
currently Qt is not very slience but thats why im here :)

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