[Interest] ASAN (Qt 6.4 + Glib) build shows stackoverflow in trivial Qt program

Dennis Luehring dl.soluz at gmx.net
Thu Nov 17 20:14:27 CET 2022

Am 13.11.2022 um 18:03 schrieb Henry Skoglund:
> I can confirm "several tiny libraries" i.e. I had the same problem when
> building Qt on Ubuntu 22.04.
> After fiddling for a while, I took the easy way out:
> sudo apt-get install libxcb*
> That installed 68 libs (all beginning with libxcb-) probably overkill
> but at least it solved the problem :-)
> /Henry

install all the libxcb* - will sort out the correct dependency later

works - thanks

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