[Interest] Qt: Quick: Failed to create OpenGL context

Alexander Dyagilev alervdvcw at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 10:58:15 CEST 2022


We use Qt 5.12.12 and we were getting lot of various issues regarding 
OpenGL (crashes, hangs, white screen showing nothing etc.) so we decided 
to switch to software mode (QT_OPENGL=software).

But now we're getting these reports from some users:

Switching back to  QT_OPENGL=desktop or QT_OPENGL=angle solves the issue 
for them.

Is there any way to automatically detect such a situation and 
automatically switch to desktop/angle instead of software?

The only way I can see now is to check if the previous start of my app 
was successful. If not - use desktop mode instead. But this will require 
user to try to start our app again. He can just uninstall it immediately 

We've also tried Qt 6.3.1 - works fine, but we can't switch to it for 
now due to some reasons (off-topic here).
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