[Interest] Care to help us out with the Jellyfin Qt 6 port?

sevenrats at tutanota.com sevenrats at tutanota.com
Mon Feb 27 23:20:19 CET 2023

Hey everybody. The lead developer of Jellyfin Media Player and I are trying to port JMP to Qt 6, but we could really use your help. The rendering loop that worked in Qt 5 has very strange behavior now, and implementing the new api docs to the best of our ability has not gotten us there. If you wouldn't mind taking a look at the code, or, dare I say, building and running it, we would be very grateful for any insight. If you are not familiar, Jellyfin Media Player is a component of the FOSS Media Server suite, Jellyfin, and your contribution will go a long way in our volunteer community. Advice and/or pull requests would both be gratefully accepted, thanks!


this commit shows the most recent attempt to comply with the new api, and clearly shows where all the relevant code bits are.


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